Valvebody Reprogramming Kit (Street-Friendly) (Transgo) (700R4) (4L60)

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TransGo, an aftermarket company, is laser-focused on addressing common failures/complaints of the 700R4/4L60…among other transmissions.  Original founder, the late Gil Younger, spent his entire career pursuing the ins and outs of these transmission issues.  TransGo not only documented the failures, but they took it a step further.  They dug deep into the problems to identify the root cause of the failure.  With this insight, TransGo has been able to deliver solid transmission solutions, time and time again.

There are a number of companies that provide “shift kits”.  However, you should know that TransGo coined the phrase “Shift Kit”, and have it as a registered trademark.  The other companies do give you the capability to custom-tailor the shift timing.  However, not all of the companies address transmission longevity.

The instructions for these valvebody kits can be quite lengthy.  However, you’re in good hands.  We will cover all of the details in our easy-to-follow video.

Link to video:

Use what the pros use.  Use TransGo.

Note:  This valvebody reprogramming kit is included in our Blueprint-in-a-Box kit.  Don’t just rebuild your transmission…blueprint it!

  • Blueprint-in-a-Box:  700R4/4L60.


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