One-Way Clutch: Low Roller (700R4) (4L60) (4L60E)


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One-way-clutch-low-roller (700R4) (4L60) (4L60E)

One-Way Clutch: Low Roller (700R4) (4L60) (4L60E)

New low roller clutch features extra-wide design, for increased torque capacity.

Replacing the low roller clutch is an essential part of a transmission blueprint build.  A failed low roller will cause the loss of first gear.

Note:  This low roller clutch is included in our Blueprint-in-a-Box kit.

  • Blueprint-in-a-Box:  700R4/4L60.
  • Blueprint-in-a-Box: 4L60E (1993-1999).
  • Blueprint-in-a-Box: 4L60E (2000-on).


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