Bushing: Pump: Torque Converter Hub (Upgrade) (700R4/4L60/4L60E)



The 700R4/4L60 & 4L60E suffer from intermittent failure of this bushing…specifically the OEM bushing design.  When the OEM bushing fails, it always results in pump seal damage…which results in a leak.  In the event that the leak goes undetected, it can result in premature transmission failure.  One thing is fore sure.  If this bushing fails, you will be removing the transmission, as it’s the only way to access this part.  The aftermarket has combated this issue by designing this upgraded bushing.  It features a Teflon coating, to improve the wear characteristics.  Long story short, this upgraded bushing is great for a blueprinted transmission, a performance build, and overall peace of mind.

Note:  This upgraded bushing is included in our Blueprint-in-a-Box kit.

  • Blueprint-in-a-Box (700R4/4L60).
  • Blueprint-in-a-Box (4L60E) (1993-1999).
  • Blueprint-in-a-Box (4L60E) (2000-on)


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