Bushing Kit (700R4/4L60)

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Replace all 700R4/4L60 bushings with this kit.

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This bushing kit contains all of the bushings that would be replaced during an overhaul.  This kit contains OEM-style bushings.

Upgraded bushings (sold separately) are available for purchase.  See list, located at bottom of description.

Bushings Included:

  • Pump:
    • Torque converter hub.   ***Upgrade available****
    • Stator shaft–front.  
    • Stator shaft–rear.  ***Upgrade available****
  • Reverse Input Drum:
    • Front.
    • Rear.
  • Input Sun Gear:
    • Front.
    • Rear.
  • Front Ring Gear Hub:
    • Front.
    • Rear.
  • Reaction Sun Gear.  ***Upgrade available****
  • Transmission Case.

Upgraded Bushings:  Sold separately.

There are several aftermarket companies that specialize in addressing common transmission failures.  They address these common issues with revised transmission assembly techniques, and upgraded parts.  Below is a list up upgraded bushings, sold separately.  These are great for a transmission blueprint build, and for performance-oriented builds.  They are the result of extensive research and development.  They offer superior durability, and great peace of mind.

  • Pump:
    • Torque converter hub:  Teflon-coated.
    • Stator shaft–rear:  Coated with proprietary compound by Sonnax.
  • Reaction Sun Gear:  Coated with proprietary compound by Sonnax.

Note # 1:  These upgraded bushings are included when you purchase our Blueprint-in-a-Box kits.

  • Blueprint-in-a-Box:  700R4/4L60.

Note # 2:  If you’d like to order them a la cart, they are available below.


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